WooCommerce Shipping Pro for UPS

WooCommerce Shipping Pro for UPS  allows you to get dynamic rates as per UPS. 

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Key Features
1. Easy to install and Configure
2. Supports all UPS parcel rates as well as UPS Negotiated Rates
3. Real-Time UPS shipping rate calculations.
4. Dynamic shipping rates based on Cart Weight and Address.


  1. Automatically generate and Print Shipping labels for orders.
  2. Shipment Tracking for customers and shop owners.
  3. Add Fees or Discounts on UPS rates based on percent or fixed value.
  4. The estimated delivery date is displayed in the checkout.
  5. Add buffer to estimated delivery date based on order preparing time
  6. UPS can calculate quotes for both Domestic and International parcels.
  7. Selected UPS Shipping methods will be automatically displayed on checkout.
  8. Supports delivery to UPS Access Point
  9. Automatically converts weights and dimensions for any zone
  10. Works with any currency worldwide.
  11. Multi-currency support with Ultimate Currency Switcher Plugin.

Setup Configuration

After the installation & activation of the plugin, you will have a UPS menu in the Wocommerce Settings as well as you can visit setting from the installed plugin



API Keys

To use the plugin you need to enter the API keys. To obtain the UPS account credentials you need to register on their website. Click on the website link https://www.ups.com/upsdeveloperkit & proceed further.

Account Details

  • Enable the plugin and enter the data in UPS User Id, UPS Password, UPS Access key, and UPS Account Number field
  • Select API Mode and click on validate credentials.

Other settings

  • Enter the details and save the settings as per your convenience.
  • Origin Postcode: Enter the Postcode of the Woocommerce shop owner.
  • Customer Classification:  The options are available in the dropdown are

              1. Rate chart from shipper’s country.

              2. Rates associated with shipper number

              3. Daily rates.

              4. Retail rates.

              5. Regional rates.

              6. General list rates.

              7. Standard list rates.

  • Pickup Type: You can choose pickup time from the dropdown options as
  1. Daily Pickup
  2. Customer Counter
  3. One Time Pickup
  4. OnCall Air
  5. Letter Center
  6. Air Service Center
  • Residential: Select the residential checkbox if the delivery of the shipment is at a residential address.
  • Negotiated Rates: Enable this if this shipping account has negotiated rates available
  • Insurance Option: Enable to request Insurance to be included
  • Show Delivery Date: Enable to show delivery date on the cart page
  • Parcel Packing Method: Choose the parcel packing method from the dropdown
  1. Pack Item Individually
  2. UPS Standard packaging
  • UPS Packaging: If you choose UPS Standard packaging parcel method then you will have UPS packaging options as

                1. UPS Letter

                2. Tube

                3. 25KG Box

                4. 10KG Box

                5. Small Express Box

                6. Medium Express Box

                7. Large Express Box

                8. UPS Box

  • Package Dimensions/Weight Unit: You can choose the dimensions/weight Unit from downtown options

1. Pounds & Inches

2. Kilograms & Centimeters

Shipments Settings

– Shipping Preference: Choose shipping preference from dropdown value.

  1. Origin Address
  2. Shipper Address

– Shipper Postcode: Enter the shipper’s postcode.

– Shipper person Name: Enter the name of the shipper owner.

– Shipper Company Name: Enter the company name of the shipper owner.

– Shipper Phone Number: Enter the shipper’s phone number.

– Shipper Email: Enter the shipper’s email address.

– Shipper Street Address: Enter the shipper’s street address.

– Shipper City:  Enter the shipper’s city name.

– Origin Country and State: Enter the shipper owner country and state.

– Enable Fallback: Enable the fallback price if the shipping cost is taken as default cost if UPS does not return any quotes. This allows the customer to check out even if  UPS does not return any quotes. Leave blank to disable it.

– Fallback Price: You can add a fallback price amount here.

-Enable shipping calculator on the product page: Enables the shipping calculator when product is added to cart & after adding shipping method, the price is calculated in the front end itself.

– Enable Debug log:-This log display the code error in front to understand the exact issue.


Plugin Provides different services as per customer’s need. It provides the domestic as well as the International services to the customer as follows.

  • Domestic services are
  1. 3 Day Select.
  2. Ground
  3. 2nd Day Air
  4. 2nd Day Air AM
  5. Next Day Air
  6. Next Day Air Saver
  7. Next Day Air Early AM
  8. Standard
  • Worldwide Services are

                 1. Worldwide Express

                 2. Worldwide Express Plus

                 3. Worldwide Expedited Standard

                 4. Worldwide Saver

– Enable the services and save the services.

 Price Adjustment ($): Using price adjustment you can manage price from the actual shipping price. That is by adding and subtracting the amount. You can use the minus sign to subtract the amount.

– Price Adjustment (%): You can manage the amount in % by adding the amount in each service.

– Buffer Days For Delivery: This field shows the buffer days on the cart page for delivery. For showing buffer days on the cart enable the show delivery days option.

Automation Options

Enable automatic label creation on order completion: By enabling this option you will be able to create automatic labels on order completion.

– Enable Tracking info in Customer Order Mail: After the successful completion of an order the email will send to the customer and the customer will have the tracking info into the email.

Freight Options

Enable the UPS freight rates options and you can see freight services on cart Page.

Packaging Type: For the freight services you can see the multiple packaging types in the dropdown

-Freight Class: Choose the freight class between 50 – 500.

-Freight Services: If the freight UPS rates options enable you can see the freight services in dropdown like

  1. UPS Freight LTL
  2. UPS Freight LTL- Guaranteed
  3. UPS Freight LTL- Guaranteed A.M
  4. UPS Standard LTL

Choose and save the Settings.


After setting up all the settings Customer will have the service on the Cart page as shown in the below screenshot.