WooCommerce Shipping Pro for FedEx

WooCommerce Quickbooks Connector WordPress plugin Easily integrate QuickBooks Online and WooCommerce. It Syncs WooCommerce stores Orders, Customers, Inventory, Products, Payments, Bank Deposits to QuickBooks Online automatically.

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WooCommerce Shipping Pro for FedEx allows you to get dynamic rates as per FedEx, and the pickup and multilocation options.

Key Features

  1. Sync Unlimited orders, Without Monthly Fees.
  2. Real-Time Orders Sync, Connect QuickBooks Online and WooCommerce to automate your work.
  3. User-Friendly and Easy to use. Free setup support is available via Skype call.
  4.  Automatically Export New Orders to Quickbooks Online as per selected rules.
  5. Two Way Auto Product inventory Sync.(WooCommerce <-> QuickBooks). Supports hourly, twice-daily, or daily import and Real-time Export.
  6. All order-related data gets Auto Created in Quickbooks Online. e.g. Customer, Tax, Shipping, etc.
  7. Option to Manually Export & Import Data as well as Bulk Export.
  8. Exports Shipping charges, Coupons/Discount amounts, and Complete Tax detail from WooCommerce to Quickbooks.
  9. Allow Customers to See and Download QBO Invoices of their orders inside WooCommerce Customer Account.
  10. Multi-Currency Support. Compatible with Multi Currency for WooCommerce and Currency Switcher for WooCommerce .
  11. Multi-Vendor Support. Compatible with Dokan & Multivendor Marketplace for WooCommerce .
  12. Compatible with WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) Plugin.  Easily Sync orders placed from POS with Store Location as well as customers details.
  13. WPML Support. Compatible with multi-language for WooCommerce plugin.
  14. Export order based on Custom Status. Compatible with WooCommerce Order Status Manager and YITH Custom Order Status Manager
  15. Compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions
  16. Update your products, customers & orders from WordPress admin and it gets updated at QBO.
  17. Payment Method-based Bank Deposit / Deposit Account mapping for ease of accounting in Quickbooks for your Woocommerce Store.
  18. Admins can Download Synced Invoices/Sales orders PDF from the Woocommerce order list page.
  19. Export all Orders or Specific Orders to QuickBooks with a Single Export button.
  20. Supports syncing selected Products, Customers, and Orders.
  21. Since our plugin is fully in your WordPress install, you can rest assured knowing your Data isn’t passing through a 3rd party.
  22. Support Stripe and Paypal Payments Fees Sync.
  23. This plugin is not subjected to GDPR compliance as it does not store any sensitive data of a user.
  24. It works for all countries including the USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, UK, and INDIA

General Settings

The General settings as shown below.


Enable the plugin and enter the valid data into FedEx Account Number, FedEx Meter Number, Web Services key, Web Service Password field.

Select the production key checkbox then click on ‘Validate Credentials’ to validate the entered details.

– Ship From Address Preference: In this field, you can set the actual shipper address with the following dropdown options

1.Origin Address

2.Shipping Address

– Shipper Postcode: Enter the shipper’s postcode.

– Shipper person Name: Enter the name of the shipper owner.

– Shipper Company Name: Enter the company name of the shipper owner.

– Shipper Phone Number: Enter the shipper’s phone number.

– Shipper Email: Enter the shipper’s email address.

– Shipper Street Address: Enter the shipper’s street address.

– Shipper City:  Enter the shipper’s city name.

– Origin Country and State: Enter the shipper owner country and state

-Shipper Address is Residential: Select the residential checkbox if the delivery of the shipment is at a residential address.

– Shipping charges: Select the shipping charges options from dropdown value.



– Fallback Price: You can add a fallback price amount here.

– FedEx Smart Post Hub: Select the FedEx Smart Post hub from drop down value.

– Indicia: You can see the multiple indicia options in the drop down as

  1. Media Mail
  2. Parcel Return
  3. Parcel Select
  4.  Presorted bound printed matter
  5. Presorted Standard
  6. Automatic

– Enable Debug log:-This log display the code error in front to understand the exact issue.


Steps to install the plugin:

1) WordPress Plugin uploader

  1. Log into your WordPress admin pane.
  2. Navigate to plugin>Add New.
  3. Click upload.
  4. Click choose file and select the WooCommerce Shipping Pro for FedEx plugin package zip.
  5. Click Install Now
  6. Complete the Installation process as dedicated by WordPress and Activate the plugin.


2) FTP

  1. Decompress the .zip file you downloaded from Codecanyon.
  2. Find the WooCommerce Shipping Pro for FedEx folder (This directory is created when you unzip the file)
  3. Upload the ‘WooCommerce Shipping Pro-FedEx’ folder to the wp-content/plugin directory.
  4. Navigate to your control panel: Plugins.
  5. Under  WooCommerce Shipping Pro for FedEx, Click Activate I Panel Plugin.

Setup Configuration

After installing and activating the plugin, a new shipping method ‘FedEx’ is added to WooCommerce Shipping settings. Now you can configure this FedEx shipping method as per your requirement. You can navigate to the setting in two ways.

1) From Installed Plugin Settings

(Plugin > Installed Plugin > Woocommerce Shipping Pro-FedEx > Settings)

2) From Woocommerce Settings

(Woocommerce > Settings > Shipping > FedEx)

Rates & Service

Rates & Services settings as below.

 Show Delivery date: This option allows you to display the estimated delivery date on the cart page. The plugin will get a date from FedEx and display it on the cart page and checkout page.

– Delivery Date & Time format: Enable the show delivery date field and choose the delivery date format as per your preference from dropdown values.

      1.Day(e.g 1 day)

      2.Date(e.g 1-1-1970)

– FedEx One Rate: FedEx one rate offers a great value for the customer as weight and delivery area surcharges fees do not alter the base rate for FedEx One Rate shipment, it is convenient and easy to access.

– Services:

The plugin provides different types of services that suit the various needs of customers. It provides the domestic as well as the International services to the customer as follows.

  5. FEDEX_2_DAY

– Price Adjustment ($): Using price adjustment you can manage price from the actual shipping price. That is by adding and subtracting the amount. You can use the minus sign to subtract the amount.

– Price Adjustment (%): You can manage the amount in % by adding the amount in each service.

– Buffer Days For Delivery: This field shows the buffer days on the cart page for delivery. For showing buffer days on cart enable the show delivery days option.

Convert Rates to base currency: This option will convert the rate as per the base currency

Save the settings and you can see these services on cart and checkout page as below

Label Generation

The label generation settings as shown below.

Shipment Purpose: choose the shipment purpose as per your choice from the dropdown value.

Label Size: Choose the label sie from the dropdown value.

Label Image Type: Using this field you can use the image type as PDF, PNG, DPL, EPL2, ZPLll, etc.

TIN Number: Enter the Tax Identification Number in this field.

TIN Type: Enter the TIN type.

Enable Tracking info in Customer Order Mail: After the successful completion of an order the email will send to the customer and the customer will have the tracking info into the email.

COD Collection type: Select COD Collection Type as cash, Any, or Gureented funds.

Enable automatic label creation on order completion: By enabling this option you will be able to create automatic labels on order completion.

Exclude tax from products while generating labels: This field is used for excluding the tax from products while generating labels.

Save the settings and you can see and download ‘view label’ from backend WooCommerce >>order


The packaging Settings are as follows.

Parcel Packing Method: Parcel Packing Method has dropdown options like you can choose any of them.

1)Pack Item Individually.

2)Pack Item into boxes with weight and dimensions.

If you select the pack item into boxes option then you can see the FedEx standard shipping options as

  1. FedEx® Small Box
  2. FedEx® Medium Box
  3. FedEx® Large Box
  4. FedEx® Extra Large Box
  5. FedEx® Pak
  6. FedEx® Envelope
  7. FedEx® 10kg Box
  8. FedEx® 25kg Box

Package dimensions or Weight: you can see the following options in the dropdown.

1. Pounds & Inches

2. Kilograms & Centimeters


Enable pickup: Select the checkbox to enable the Pickup. After enabling the pickup you can see the other enabled fields Use alternate pickup address, Pickup Start time, and Pickup close time.

Use Alternate Pickup Address:  If you want to set an alternate pickup address then you can enable the field and enter the details in the pickup related fields.

Pickup Start Time: Enter the Pickup Start time.

Pickup Close Time: Enter the Pickup Close time.

Pickup Service: It provides different pickup service. The available pickup services options are as given below.

  1. Same Day
  2. Same Day City
  3. FedEx Distance Deferred
  4. FedEx Next Day Early Morning
  5. FedEx Next Day Mid Morning
  6. FedEx Next Day Afternoon
  7. FedEx Next Day End Of Day
  8. FedEx Next Day Freight

And save the pickup settings


-Check the Multi-Origin checkbox to enable the multi location.

– Enter the location details and save the changes.

How to use multi location?

  • Enable the multi location option
  • Add the location address
  • After enabling the multi location settings in products you can see the Product Origin Address for FedEx
  • Select your Product origin address from the dropdown