Distance Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

Distance Rate Shipping for WooCommerce helps the admin to set the shipping charges according to distance and duration.

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Distance Rate Shipping for WooCommerce helps the admin to set the shipping charges according to distance and duration. Using Distance Rate Shipping for WooCommerce, the admin can create several rules of shipping charges by distance or the duration which will be checked using google distance matrix API and apply the shipping rates respectively.


  1. WordPress 5.0 or higher
  2. WooCommerce 5.0 or higher
  3. WordPress Theme
  4. Google Map API


Key Features
1. Create shipping rules based on distance/duration with rates to be applied
2. Google Maps Distance Matrix API is used to calculate accurate Distance/Duration
3. Admin can Edit/Enable/Disable/Delete shipping rules

General Tab

In the general tab, we can set the Google API key, enable autocomplete, label text, store address.

Shipping Rule

  1. Rule Name can be given for identifying the created rules
  2. Condition is to specify what rules are based on, be it Distance, Duration (total travel time). We do have 3 conditions while setting the rule for distance or duration. i) Equal to “=” where weight, dimensions are made equal to calculate the distance or duration. ii)Greater than “>” where the weight dimensions are made greater than distance or duration. iii)Less than “<” where the weight dimensions are made less than distance or duration
  1. Min Value and Max Value to specify a range the type will fall in (Distance-based in KM, Duration-based in Minutes).
  2. Max cart amount where we can give maximum cart amount for setting rule.
  3. Fixed Cost to apply if the rule matches. Then its calculated (fixed cost*distance)
  4. Status can be set for Enabling / Disabling the rule.

Submit the parameters and save the Rule. Later you can Edit / Delete the rules as per your requirement.

Shipping Method

  1. Go toWooCommerce > Settings > Shipping.
  2. Select edit on the Shipping Zone that you want to add the method to
  3. Press the Add shipping method button on the bottom of the Shipping methods section
  4. Select Distance Rate from the dropdown and press Add shipping method.
  5. Save Changes

Working Example

All set now let’s see how it works

 :- Distance Rate Shipping (Distance Condition)   

Let’s assume we have below created Shipping Rules

1. Which will calculate when the distance between user-entered address and WooCommerce store address and check which rule will be applicable and show Shipping Rates accordingly.

According to Google Matrix API First Rule, Shipping Rate will be applicable for orders and will be shown while checkout.

According to this same Distance, Condition will also be calculated and shown.

Plugin Configuration

1)   WordPress Plugin Uploader

  1.    Log into your WordPress admin panel
  2.    Navigate to Plugin -> Add New
  3.    Click Upload.
  4.    Click Choose File and select the Distance Rate Shipping for WooCommerce plugin package zip.
  5.    Click Install Now.
  6.    Complete the installation process as directed by WordPress and Activate the plugin.


2)   FTP

  1.    Decompress the .zip file you downloaded from Codecanyon.
  2.    Find the Distance Rate Shipping for WooCommerce (this directory is created when you unzip the file).
  3.    Upload the Distance Rate Shipping for the WooCommerce folder to the wp-content/plugins directory.
  4.    Navigate to your Control Panel: Plugins.
  5.    Under Distance Rate Shipping for WooCommerce, click Activate l Panel: Plugin.

Here we will see the plugin setting in detail.

1.1. Enable:- Enable the shipping plugin’s functionality, which will get calculated when we order the products/Items and add the shipping rate according to rules.
1.2. Google API:- Google map API is required, Plugin calculate the Distance/Duration between shipping/billing address to WooCommerce store address/Warehouse address by Google Maps Distance Matrix API

1.2.1 How to obtain Google Map API Key:-

  1. Go to: https://console.developers.google.com project and sign in with your Google account.
  2. On the Dashboard screen, click the Library link from the left-hand menu. Then search for and click Google Maps Distance Matrix API.
  3. Click on the Enable button.
  4. Give your new project a name, i.e., Distance Rate Shipping, and then click Create.
  5. Click the Enable API button, then click the Credentials tab from either the left-hand menu or the banner across the top.
  6. Click Add credentials and choose API key.
  7. A window will pop up, with your new API key. Make sure the restrictions are set to None and Don’t restrict the key.
  8. Copy the API key generated in the pop-up box and keep it as you will need to enter this in the Google API textbox.
  9. Clicking on Validate will check if the entered API key is valid or not.


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