Plugin Category: Inventory Plugin

Split Order For Multi Location

In the WordPress backend order section it shows like this, Split Order For Multi-Location Plugin, splits an order automatically into separate order ids as per the items in the cart based on the selected locations of the product. When a user places an order that includes three products from three distinct locations, the split order plugin creates an individual order id for each location, as well as the main order that displays all of the products.

QuickBooks Connector

QuickBooks Payments For WooCommerce provides an easier, cost-effective, and simple alternative for small businesses for accepting credit cards.

Multilocation Inventory Management

Our plugin is designed to help WooCommerce based eCommerce store that ships products to its customers around the globe from multiple warehouses or a company that sells products from its stores in different locations. The plugin automatically detects the nearest Product Location. It also shows Availability and Pricing of Product based on the location of a product.